Family Information


The Centre is open from Monday to Friday during school terms.

Morning Session 6.45am – 8.45am

Afternoon Session 3pm – 6pm

The Centre is open for Vacation care during school holidays and on Pupil Free Days from 7am to 6pm.



Annual Registration Fee per family is $50.00

Permanent Bookings

AM $19.00 per child
PM $24.00 per child

Casual Bookings

AM $21.00 per child
PM $26.00 per child

Staff Transport Fee

$3.00 per bus trip

Vacation Care Fees

$60.00 per day plus excursion/incursion costs.

Late fees

$1.00 per minute per child after 6pm.

Parents with permanent bookings must pay for each day they have booked. This includes family holidays, public holidays which fall in term time and sickness. If a child has a prolonged illness (more than 2 weeks) then alternative arrangements may be made.

Fees are payable weekly.

Fees can be paid by cash, cheque or Direct deposit. Casual fees are payable on the day of usage.

Parents with overdue fees will be contacted by letter and/or telephone with possible termination of child/children’s placement at the Centre being considered.

Child Care Subsidy

The government have changed the Child care rebate and child care benefit to be inclusive and is now know as Child Care Subsidy or CCS.

To receive CCS you will have to have a My Gov account set up with Centrelink and update your details within this. You will no longer receive CCR or CCB as of the 2nd of July 2018.

Please provide us with your family CRN and your child/children’s CRN if you wish to claim Child Care Subsidy and ensure you have updated your details on your My Gov account.

Registrations / Bookings

Parents wishing to use the Centre should enquire from Centre Coordinator if there are places available. Children using the Centre must be registered and have all enrolment forms completed. Casual users should ring the Centre to check that places are available, with suggested 24 hour’s notice to avoid disappointment.

A Waiting List for future enrolments is kept at the Centre. Siblings are given priority.

We also give priority, following the government guidelines below.

The Priorities are:

  • Priority 1: a child at risk of serious abuse or neglect
  • Priority 2: a child of a single parent who satisfies, or parents who both satisfy, the work/training/study test under Section 14 of the ‘A New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999’.
  • Priority 3: any other child. 

Parent Involvement

Parents are welcome at the Centre at all times and are encouraged to become involved in the Centre’s activities. The Centre is a non-profit organisation, incorporated and managed by the P&C subcommittee consisting of the Manager of the BASC, the school Principal, parents and a paid, experienced Educator Coordinator. Any persons involved in the Centre are encouraged to make suggestions, attend meetings and discuss any concerns they may have regarding current policies.

For the Centre to continue, it needs to have the involvement of parents, as members of the P&C Committee or with willing parents who can assist in other ways.

Meetings are held week 3 and 7 of the school term , in the school staff room. Notices of these meetings are displayed at the Centre.


The Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator and all other Child Care Educators are employed by the Management Committee. Educator duties are planned in consultation with the Management Committee.

Minimum staff to children ratios as laid down by the Department of Community Services are 1:15 when at the Centre and 1:8 on excursions.

Minimum staff at the Centre at any time = 2

Centre Bus

Jannali BASC has been fortunate enough to purchase a bus, for the use of transporting children from Jannali BASC to Como Public School and Como West Public School. For children attending Como Public School and Como West public School there will be a small cost of $3.00 per trip per child to help cover the cost of staff on the bus.

Centre Policies

The Centre policies and parent handbook are located in a folder under the sign in desk in the centre and in the office at the Centre and it is important that all parents are familiar with the policies before enrolling their child. You can also download a copy below. 

Policies 2019

Parent Handbook 2019

National Quality Frame Work

The National Quality Framework (NQF) provides a national approach to regulation, assessment and quality improvement for early childhood education and care and outside school hours care services across Australia.

The National Law and National Regulations are used to set the standard across Australia. They are both attached below.

National Law

National Law National Law (964 KB)

National Regulations

National Regulations 18 National Regulations 18 (852 KB)

If you require further information on this, you can visit the acecaq website.

Children’s Behaviour

Please ensure that your child understands the rules, which are displayed at the Centre. Bullying, swearing, rudeness to staff or continual disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated and can lead to suspension and or exclusion from the centre.

School Time

Children are released from the morning session when school staff are on duty in the playground. Children who attend other schools will be taken on the bus at 8.45am and dropped to their school, ensuring that they have safely left the bus and arrived on the school premises.

Dropping Off or Picking Up

All children must be signed in and signed out by a parent or guardian. The Coordinator will not allow children to leave with anyone else unless parent / guardian has provided written permission. Persons picking up children must be over 18 years of age. Parents/Guardians must list names and telephone numbers of persons who they would possibly call upon to pick up their child in case of an emergency, on your registration form.


No parking is allowed in the school grounds. When picking up your school aged child, please ensure your other children are not left unattended in the car as this is illegal and unsafe. Access for disabled parking is through the teacher's car park.

Non-Attending Care Centre Children

Parents must notify the Centre if children are sick or will not be attending for any other reason, both morning and afternoon sessions. Permanent bookings will still incur the regular fee if the child is absent, as per national regulations, as will public holidays.

Infectious Diseases

A child may not return to the Centre until cleared to attend school.


The Centre has an official Medication Policy. Please ensure that you are aware of the requirements.

Injury / Illness

Should a child be injured or become ill at the Centre, every attempt will be made to contact the parent / guardian for further directions. However, the Coordinator may need to seek medical advice or ambulance in an emergency and consent by the parent / guardian for this is a mandatory request on the registration form.

Special Requirements

If you have special requirements in regard to the care of your child while at the Centre, please direct such requests to the Coordinator.


The Centre staff will try to have children protect their clothing during activities whenever possible. If parents would like, please bring along old clothing for your child to change into. Please make sure all clothing is labelled with child’s name. Staff are not responsible for lost clothing or toys children bring to the Centre. Please discourage your children from bringing ‘precious’ items to the Centre.


A wide variety of activities are planned at the Centre each week. A weekly program is located on the notice board near the door as you leave the centre.

Mobile Phones

While we respect the right of parents / carers to allow children to bring mobile phones to school or vacation care, we must insist that these are given to the coordinator to be kept in the desk drawer. They are not to be used at the centre. We have a land line telephone which children can use should they need to, with the permission of a staff member. Inappropriate use of mobile phones including photographing others without their permission is unacceptable and can have serious consequences.


Donations of items such as fabric offcuts, wool, cardboard, boxes etc. are very much appreciated.